Kay's yoga routines can bring stronger muscles and stronger bones.

Practice with balance is the only way to reclaim lost capacity.

Gradually, gently, stiffness yields and flexibility improves.

Energy can be developed and managed through breathing practices.

Release tension, fatigue, and stress; emerge refreshed.

Bring focus, calm or a needed energy through breathing practices.

Tune in to your inner self and become more of who you are.

Kay Hawkins

I invite you
to join me...

let me de-mystify yoga for you. First, forget everything you think you know about yoga and then discover a practice that is practical, useful and suitable for you, wherever you are in your life experience. Discover the benefits of this ancient, field-tested practice.

Kay Hawkins


is the most highly customized form of yoga. Viniyoga teachers cater stretching postures to individual student needs and abilities. Function is stressed over form, with an emphasis on integrating the flow of the breath with the movement of the spine."

- Time Magazine