Kay's yoga routines can bring stronger muscles and stronger bones.

Practice with balance is the only way to reclaim lost capacity.

Gradually, gently, stiffness yields and flexibility improves.

Energy can be developed and managed through breathing practices.

Release tension, fatigue, and stress; emerge refreshed.

Bring focus, calm or a needed energy through breathing practices.

Tune in to your inner self and become more of who you are.

Yoga Classes

Open Drop-In Classes

All classes are @ my Montross-area studio, unless otherwise noted. Your first is FREE of charge. Open, drop-in class fees are $10 or less; phone me for more info. The library classes are by donation. Please phone @ 804-493-1841 before your first class.

  • Tuesdays • 9 AM and 4:30 PM • Multilevel
  • Tuesdays • Noon • Chair Yoga*@ Montross Library
  • Wednesdays •  10:15 AM •  Yoga Basics
  • Wednesdays • 4:30 PM • Yoga Basics, Men
  • Thursdays • 9AM • Multilevel

Multilevel Yoga

For those familiar with yoga or fit beginners with only minor limitations. We work with more demanding, challenging postures and sequences, including inversions. Focus is on strength, flexibility, balance, and relaxation.

Multi-Level Multi-Level Multi-Level Multi-Level

Chair Yoga

Working seated in a chair or standing with a chair for support, this class brings stretching, strengthening and improvements with balance. We do not get on the floor.

Chair Yoga Chair Yoga Chair Yoga Chair Yoga

Yoga Basics

For beginners and those who want a good, solid yoga practice without the more extreme postures. Good for building strength, flexibility, balance, and for stress reduction.

Yoga Basics Yoga Basics Yoga Basics Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics, Men

Guys have fun with stretching and back care without pretzel postures.

Yoga for Senior Men Yoga for Senior Men
Yoga for Senior Men Yoga for Senior Men

Private/Semi-Private/Small Groups

Private/semi-private/ and small group classes are also available; please phone to inquire.

Yoga for Senior Men Yoga for Senior Men