Kay's yoga routines can bring stronger muscles and stronger bones.

Practice with balance is the only way to reclaim lost capacity.

Gradually, gently, stiffness yields and flexibility improves.

Energy can be developed and managed through breathing practices.

Release tension, fatigue, and stress; emerge refreshed.

Bring focus, calm or a needed energy through breathing practices.

Tune in to your inner self and become more of who you are.

Kay Hawkins

Osteoporosis Intervention Manual and DVD

To order Manual and DVD

Osteoporosis Intervention Manual: Step-by-step instructions for each posture featured in the Bone Building Osteoporosis Intervention Program.

The asanas chosen are pulled from scientific, controlled studies by major American medical organizations such as Mayo Clinic, New Jersey School of Medicine, Tufts University and Osteoporosis Foundation. The asanas are grouped functionally, for strengthening the hips/legs; wrists; spines. For each posture primary and secondary benefits are listed. See sample pages below:

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Osteoporosis Intervention Manual, 75 pages - $18

Step-by-step instructions for Osteoporosis Intervention asanas. Focus is on building bone density in the wrists, spine and hips. Balance postures are included. Benefits are listed for each posture. Each section is introduced with an overview. As in the DVDs, three difficulty levels of practice are presented: Gentle; Basic/Standard and Extra/Plus. References for further study are included. Manual $18, postage included.

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Osteoporosis Intervention DVDs

For home practice, Bone Building Yoga offers three levels of practice: Gentle (for beginners and those with structural problems), Standard (for continuing students or those without significant bone loss), and Extra (for prevention, appropriate for the younger, stronger, or long term yogi.)

Each DVD offers a complete practice for building strength in the areas of fracture vulnerability: wrists, hips, spines. In addition, these practices increase balance, coordination, and body awareness. The DVD practices are the same material as is featured in the Manual. See samples below .

Home practice DVDs feature my actual yoga students. Three levels are offered: $12 each or 3 for $30, postage included.

Gentle - $12

This level is for the beginner or someone who has one or more structural problems. This person may be lacking in strength, flexibility, body awareness or some combination. There may be osteopenia or osteoporosis indicators. But, the person is not frail.

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Basic/Standard - $12

This person is not a beginner, or is a younger, fit beginner. The person has appropriate strength, flexibility, body awareness or some combination, and no severe structural problems. There may be osteopenia or mild osteoporosis indicators.

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Plus/Extra - $12

This person is not a beginner and has few or minor structural problems. This person has average or better strength, flexibility, body awareness or some combination. This person may have osteopenia but not osteoporosis.

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3 Disk DVD Set - $30


Manual and 3 Disk DVD Set - $45