Kay's yoga routines can bring stronger muscles and stronger bones.

Practice with balance is the only way to reclaim lost capacity.

Gradually, gently, stiffness yields and flexibility improves.

Energy can be developed and managed through breathing practices.

Release tension, fatigue, and stress; emerge refreshed.

Bring focus, calm or a needed energy through breathing practices.

Tune in to your inner self and become more of who you are.

Kay Hawkins



Meditation – Introduction

Meditation is simple, but not easy. This workshop offers a systematic introduction to the field of meditation with practice, Q & A, feedback. Practical for a weekend-immersion or a weekly class over the course of a month or so.

Osteoporosis Intervention

Bone Building Yoga – distilled from more than a decade of work with colleague, physician Dr. Nirmala Limaye, Yoga for Osteoporosis Intervention is being field tested with very promising results. We use selected asanas that build muscle mass, and bone strength, improve balance, and develop coordination and body awareness. This program offers three levels of practice. See DVD clips and workbook sample available for purchase.

Training Available in These Formats:

For the public: This workshop offers basic information, instruction and practice in a weekend format.

For Yoga studio/teachers: A combination of lecture and practice will orient yoga teachers to this important and coming field of work. Topics include anatomy & physiology, asanas, diet & nutrition, precautions, testing results, and more. Extensive resource solutions are provided. (Approximately 12-15 hours instruction).

CEU and Yoga Alliance credits available.


This training addresses the needs of those who garden. Topics include low back care, hand care, knees, repetitive strain, fatigue, strength, and more, as they relate to the gardener's demands. This is a practical yoga, without complicated and forbidding postures. Available in short or day-long format. Available to Garden Clubs and Yoga studios. A DVD is under development.

CEU and Yoga Alliance credits available for all workshops.